Sunday, December 21, 2008


I was busy with school requirements and activities that i was able to forgot it was my brother's birthday. I went home late in the afternoon and was not able to help my mother in preparing the foods. As expected, we had an argument! She was saying many things about me helping other people instead of my family. She even told me that I could not stand on my own feet therefore i must not be boastful of my little achievements. I was able to answer her back which made her very mad. It turned into a fight that she was able to slap me in my left cheek.

The moment she did that, I felt that she was not my mother at all. I was so hurt and i found my self seeking my father's comfort. I told him what I felt towards my mother. He told me to understand my mother and i always do that because no matter what she's still my mother and i will not trade her from any thing in this world. Yet, that situation made me think that I am already 19 and i already could distinguished right from wrong. Yes! I admit that when I answered her back I was wrong but I did that because I was fighting for what i think was right. I felt pity to myself. She should have not told me that because first and foremost, she doesn't know me that much. Sometimes, I even thought that she doesn't care for me at all.

Until now, I am not talking to her not even looking at her. I am not asking money from her or anything. I know for some, what i am doing is not right but for me, it is. I am not mad at her and i don't have any grief. I am only just contented with the present situation. God only knows what i really feel towards her right now. HE knows how i love my mother moer than anyone does.

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Kiyuki MeiLi Chizuko said...

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